Architect’s Note

The Urvisha complex is designed around a natural green zone, which acts as a unifying feature for the entire residential community. It functions as the lungs for the apartment blocks, as a common space for social gatherings and as a space for interacting intimately with nature.

Each apartment within the complex has a direct visual connection to this central garden. Along the periphery of this green space, the building blocks are set back at intervals, not only allowing for interesting visual dynamics but also creating more intimate secondary cores of natural greenery, as extensions of the central green within the apartment zone.

The low-height club building at the edge of the greens, with the infinity-edge pool overlooking the garden and community spaces on the lower floors, acts as a focal point for the complex.  

Semi-private, double-height community spaces are distributed throughout the complex at multiple levels, with easy access from all apartments, having their own internal greenery and spaces for social interaction, with natural light and ventilation, yet sheltered from direct rainfall.

These sky gardens overlook the central garden on one side and peripheral roads on the other, while providing visual relief for the facade of the apartment blocks, whether viewed from the roadside or the central greens.

The roof of the apartment blocks on both sides of the complex are connected, creating yet another space for social gatherings in an open yet intimate terrace accessed only by the residents.

The master plan has clearly defined circulation pathways providing access to the apartments and the club. 

The building cores are combined to form larger apartment blocks to reduce inter-building spaces and maximise the common open space. This avoids the formation of any negative spaces within the complex. 

The apartments face the Central Greens on one side and overlook the peripheral access roads on the other side.

The north-south orientation of blocks with minimum exposure of the walls to east and west has been planned to reduce heat gain.

The central open green acts as a heat regulator for the complex reducing heat stress and enhancing natural ventilation. 

All apartments have openings on at least two sides. The units are accessed through multiple cores, each with a well-appointed entry lobby on the ground level and 4 apartments per floor. 

The common lift and stair lobby on every floor are designed to maximise efficiency without compromising on comfort, with access to natural light and ventilation. 

Within each apartment, there is minimal corridor space, balconies for all living-dining areas and master bedrooms as well as utility balconies for all kitchens. 

There is a provision for cross ventilation in one or more rooms of each apartment. Balconies project onto the central garden area giving a sense of collective ownership of this core space to each apartment owner. 

The overall essence of the design is to give each residents a sense of belonging to a vibrant and eco-friendly community and of pride in their share of ownership of the entire complex, and not just having a feeling of being the owner of an isolated apartment.


SBA Spectra