Crafted with finesse with functionality at the heart of the design — every corner of Urvisha~The Condoville spells out tranquility. Here nature will be your companion. The soothing greens will offer comfort. And serenity will find a new meaning under the open sky. 

Club Party Lawn

Therapy Garden & Reflexology Walkway

Pet’s Park

Gazebo around Central Lawn

Hop-scotch Court


Garden Pavilion

Experiential Driveway Laced With Exotic Flowers

Skating Track

Stepping Stones Walkway

Outdoor Gym

Pull-up Bars

Sculpture Garden

Court with Seating 

Adda Zone under a Tree

FRP Planters

Sensory Garden

Jogging Track

Adda Zone with Water Cascade & Floating Planter

Celebration Plaza

Kids’ Play Area